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Filing Requirements
- Name, residence and nationality of applicant
- Priority date, priority document and country in which a corresponding application generating the right of priority
is filed, if applicable
- the trademark and the designated goods or services and class thereof
- Power of Attorney duly signed by applicant(can be filed after application)

Geniral procedure after filing
Filing -> Formality examination-> Substantive examination -> Office Action ->
Amendment/Response -> Decision/Refusal

Substantive Examination
Unlike patent or utility model applications, trademark applications are automatically examined in order of their filing date. No request for examination is needed for the initiation of substantial examination. The examination of a trademark application generally takes about 1 year from its filing date.

When a trademark applicant receives a notice of decision to grant, he should pay, as a registration fee, the 10 years' annuities within 2 months from the date of receipt of such notice.

Appeal and Trial
- The applicant may lodge an appeal against the examiner's final rejection within 30 days from the date of
receipt of the notice of final rejection.
- Any party which doubts the validity of a right may request a trial for invalidation of patent.
- Such appeal and trial procedure are conducted in the Industrial Property Tribunal in KIPO. The Industrial
Property Tribunal's decision may be appealed to the Patent Court. An appeal against the Patent Court's
decision may be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

The duration of the protection of a trademark right is 10 years from the date of registration of the trademark, which may be renewed every 10 years. For the renewal of a trademark registration, an application for the renewal should be filed with KIPO.

※ Detailed Application Procedure for Trademarks